Quilt Show Special Exhibits

While at the Quilt Show, be sure to visit this special exhibit in Centennial Hall:


The Arizona Quilters Guild 40th Anniversary

A Special Exhibit of Quilts from the AQG Past Presidents

Arizona Quilters Guild has been blessed with 32 wonderful presidents during our 40 years representing the quilting community in Arizona.  These ladies have demonstrated their commitment and heart by leading this organization in the tradition of quilts and community service.  We honor their leadership and the time they invested to keep this guild moving forward. Their commitment and dedication has helped shape and guide us for past 40 years.

Charter President
1978-1979 Laurene Sinema
1992 Cheryl Congrove 2003-2004 Diane Pitchford
1980-1981 Toni Pugliano 1993 Gwen Nemmers 2004-2006 Rita Blocksom
1982-1983 Liz Batholomew 1994 Mary Lucille 2006-2007 Linda Adkins
1984 Gwynn Smith 1995 Kim Maus 2007-2008 Gail Piggott
1985 Sandra Steele 1996-1997 Marilyn Woolley 2008-2009 Judy Taylor
1986 Willene Smith 1997-1998 Mary Lou Williams 2009-2010 Lynn Kough
1987 Debbie Bobo-Jones 1998-1999 Mary Hoyer 2010-2011 Marguertie McCray
1988 Marla Hattabaugh 1999-2000 Carla Bonifasi 2011-2012 Lynn Kough
1989 Linda Braun Lohrman 2000-2001 Mary Burton 2012-2014 Patrica Benner
1990 Barbara Sidorakis 2001-2002 Marque Jacobs 2014-2016 Elaine Putnam
1991 Nancy Tokarz 2002-2003 Linda McDowell 2016-2017 Dale Nokes

We have asked our Past Presidents to submit a quilt to represent them at this year's Ruby Extravaganza Celebration.  Some of the quilts on display are the creation of these talented quilters; others are the quilts that were presented to the President at the end of her term by a greatful guild.

The AQG Past Presidents are wearing special name tags as they enjoy the Quilt Arizona! show. If you see one of them, be sure to stop them and thank them for their service.


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