Charlotte Angotti: Let Me Surprise You

Charlotte Angotti: Let Me Surprise You

Monday, November 13, 2017 (9am-4pm)

Class is OPEN for registration

Hosted by: Cactus Patchers

Location: Pyle Center, 655 E Southern Ave

Tempe, 85282

Finally, a class that you know you have brought the right things for! In this fun-filled class, a kit of CUT fabrics is furnished. This is a wonderful group workshop for those that just want to sew and not have any cutting or thinking to do.

This class is the most popular class Charlotte offers. It fills quickly and is a SURPRISE in more ways than one. It is a mystery type class. No one gets any hints and yet those who take the class will want to take another. Each class is a different quilt. Rarely are the kits repeated. All kits in class are the same, there is no choice for the students. This is the type of class that works well at shows, because it lets the students have a great time plus have a successful project. It is also great for guilds where the students know each other and like to talk and don’t usually get that chance in other classes.

If you are a group hiring Charlotte, YOU will determine the price of the kit. That can range from $85 (small) to as much as you want each kit to cost. The size will be determined by the fabric used and how it is cut. If, for example it is a complicated cut, the price is higher just for that part. The higher the price the larger the kit.

Download project Supply List (click here)

A Kit is requried for this class ($95) - bring check for kit to class; Charlotte Angotti will bring your kit


Questions? contact the AQG National Education Director