Charlotte Angotti: Surprise Yourself

Charlotte Angotti: Surprise Yourself

November 14-15, 2017 (9am-4pm)

Class is OPEN for registration

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For years Charlotte has used her own methods for designing and cutting her kits for Let Me Surprise You! Now there is a book. She has written a book, along with her good friend, Debbie Caffrey. In this class, by the same name as the book, you will get her half of the train ride.

Both authors do mystery classes, designing quilts, choosing fabrics and making the quilts. Each have a similar yet very different approach to getting to the final destination. The book is written as if you are on a train. Following the Blue line for Charlotte and the Green line for Debbie.

This workshop will use the techniques for simple design, cutting and sewing techniques from the Blue line. Using easy units and an artistic eye you will be creating your own designs as well as not needing the crazy directions often found in patterns and books. With this freedom you can easily see how many quilts are broken down and put back together again!

Certain patterns are easier than others and using basic units you will begin to create instead of just copy. This class is full of information, real quilts and real solutions to everyday problems in quilt making. The book is not required for the class, but it sure is a great source!

Download project Supply List (click here)

Optional: Surprise Yourself book (avail from Charlotte's website)


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