Director: Membership

JoAnn Rice

JoAnn has a BS in Textiles and an MBA in Marketing.  She grew up in Massachusetts and lived in small suburban towns outside of Boston.  In 1990, she moved to Maryland for 7 seven years before retiring and moving to Scottsdale.  She is happily married to Richard Taylor and the grandmother to a baby boy born on September 11, 2015.

She loves living in the desert but misses New England spring flowers, fall foliage and really fresh seafood.  However, she says that never having to shovel snow again is more than fair compensation for a few missed things.

Although she has been sewing since age 5, she did not learn how to quilt until 2010 and became addicted almost instantly.  In 2011, she joined Delightful Quilters.  She loves to sew all types of quilts and enjoys machine embroidery.  She also loves to design quilts using EQ7 and uses Pfaff Premier Software for her embroidery designs.  She feels that the technology available to today’s quilters is amazing.  “Quilting has become an artform that allows the artist to express themselves in the most imaginative ways.  The textiles, threads, fibers, beads and surface embellishments are so beautiful.  It makes me giddy sometimes to consider all the design possibilities.  We are all so blessed to be able to enjoy quilting as it feeds our souls and makes everyone happy.”

Every year, she tries to make as many charity quilts as possible because being involved in helping others is something she wanted to do in retirement. In 2015, she also became an AQG Traveling Teacher & Lecturer. Now, she has volunteered to be the AQG Membership Director since it is another way to help out the guild and the community.


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