Director: Quilt Show

Dale Nokes

Dale started quilting in 1989 while staying at their Cabin in Big Bear, California. She made her first quilt there and was hooked for life!  Dale found a Quilt Shop close to home in San Dimas, California and started to take all the classes that were offered.  Dale worked at Bearly Stitchin Quilt shop in Pasadena, California in 2005. Dale became a partner, in 2007 when it was decided to move the shop to Goodyear Az. The shop operated successfully for four years.

Dale loves fabric, color, texture and everything to do with quilting! She loves working on Applique projects, Machine Embroidery, and Machine Quilting.  Dale is an active member of two handiwork groups “Jane and the Hand Maidens” in Goodyear and a Brazilian Embroidery group in Congress.

Dale became a member of Arizona Quilters Guild in 2010 and joined the local chapter, Quilters Anonymous.  Dale has been an active member of QA serving as Sunshine and Shadows Chair in 2012 and was elected QA President in 2014-2015.  QA has motivated and inspired Dale with encouragement and inspiration to do more. Dale enjoys working with other quilters and finds quilters a fun loving group.

Dale was the President-Elect of Arizona Quilters Guild in 2015-2016, and President of Arizona Quilters Guild in 2016-2017.  She has now joined us as the  2017-2018 Quilt Show Director.







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