Chapter Reports: Mission Royale

2016 Reports

May 2016

Mission Royale Quilt Guild charity group Quilters from the Heart had a very busy 2015-2016 season. Many quilts were given to charities in the Casa Grande area. Twenty-five quilts were given to Child Protective Services, 4 to St Raphael Family Home, 10 to children of the Home of Hope, and one quilt was given to the Save Our Students auction.



April 2016

A group of ladies started meeting once a week to sew together when Meritage, the developer of Mission Royale first opened. In 2006, Barbara H. a homeowner, organized a group of ladies and set up in a bigger room to sew once a week. She taught ladies how to quilt and organized projects that everyone could make. At that time Meritage did not want non-residents participating in activities in Mission Royale.

In 2014 Barbara moved to Ohio. The members wanted to keep the quilting group together so several members took over leadership so the group could continue to meet on Mondays to sew. In support of the pickle ball club, who had volunteered to furnish a room at The House of Hope, a group of ladies from the Mission Royale quilters started a group called Quilters from the Heart to support the decorating of the room with quilts.

In November 2015 a member of the Mission Royale quilt group received permission from the Mission Royale management that we could have meetings and classes with non-residents participating which enabled us to apply for membership in the Arizona Quilt Guild. We are all very excited to be able to belong and be sponsored by the Arizona Quilters Guild.