Chapter Reports: Apache Sew N’ Sews

2013-2014 Reports

November 2013

The ladies of Apache Sew N’Sews would like to announce their quilt show on Thursday, November 21, 2013 at the Club House of Saguaro Canyon Village at 3355 North Cortez, in Apache Junction. We will show our own quilts as well as our Charity Quilts which will be donated two charities in Apache Junction (Project Help and CAAFA). Our quilt show is free and will be from 10 to 12 with free refreshments.

Our Fund raising is a beautiful queen size Opportunity Quilt, which measures 84 1/2” by 99 1/4 “. This quilt will keep you or any of your loved ones warm and would also make a great Christmas gift. Most of the money raised will be donated to the Apache Junction Food Bank and a small amount will be kept as fund raising for our Chapter. Tickets are $ 1.00 for 1 ticket, $ 5.00 for 6 tickets. The winner of the quilt will be announced on Thursday, November 21 at the and of the quilt show. No need to be present to win. We will get the quilt to you. We would love to welcome all of you.

The Ladies of Apache Sew N’Sews



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