Director: Newsletter Communications

Joyce Jesko

Joyce Jesko and her husband Paul are from Doylestown, PA and have been wintering in AZ since 2001.  Joyce started a non-profit, Fairy Godmothers Inc., helping high school girls get to the Prom in PA in 2001 and brought it to AZ in 2006.  She worked both until 2015, when she handed the PA chapter over to one of her sister branches in Rochester, NY. 

Joyce was first introduced to AQG in 2015 when she was a guest of Eva Kilgore of Sunrise Stitchers; it didn’t take her long to join the Guild. In 2016 Joyce and Paul made their final move to AZ.  Today she is the membership communications person for her chapter, which is why she agreed to become the AQG Communications Director in July 2017.  She is very at home with a camera and has been embroidering for over 15 years before getting into quilting. She is looking forward to the next 2 years meeting new quilters.


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